Dot Phonics Fine motor and Visual Motor Mazes Free Sample Page

Download a free sample page for the letters Y and Z to challenge phonemic awareness, fine motor and visual motor skills.  When you download the free sample page there are also 8 different suggestions of how to differentiate the lesson based
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Free Entry and Exit Slips for Pediatric Therapy

Did you know that checking on what a student learned can help to keep them on track and to head toward reaching their goals? How about trying entry and exit slips during therapy sessions? Entry or admit
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“Just Eat it”? Taking that leap of faith to let go of the diets and the rules.

Just Eat it. Designed by Olle Hemmendorff for Nike.Just Do It has been a memorable Nike campaign, motivating and inspiring athletes and active wannabees for years now. But I really don’t want to talk about exercise and determination.Rather, let’s talk
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